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What to expect?

You have taken a very positive step by making the decision to seek therapy in a safe and confidential space.

At The Counselling Place you will find a peaceful environment where there is authenticity and acceptance, and trust and respect. 


For your first session, you will be asked to arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled session

in order to fill out the necessary paperwork:


Informed Consent Form: which outlines your rights as a client and our legal and ethical boundaries as

  Counsellors and Psychotherapists


Intake Questionnaire: which will ask you for your contact information, history, and a brief description of the issues

  that you are struggling with.


We will review this paperwork together during your session and talk about how the sessions will unfold.

The focus of all therapy sessions is based on what you want from the conversation, your needs and strengths, and getting to know you as a person. We will work hard together to resolve issues and leave with a plan.

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